… is L'Etiquette's motto. In just a few words, it summarises a philosophy which rules our passion for organic, biodynamic, natural and especially, S.A.I.N.S. wines (without any Input or Sulphite "added").

Ethics or another way of appreciating wine

Open since June 2012, L'Etiquette (whose name is rooted in 'Ethics') has an eclectic selection of more than 300 references.

Through this invitation to "drink well", we want to encourage consumption which favours quality and the preservation of the environment. This is why L'Etiquette will always be delighted to offer you wines which respect the grape and terroir — but, above all, which respect the consumer.

Apart from their superior taste, they are also better for your health — and for your Sunday mornings! — when compared with alcoholic drinks produced from intensive agriculture using pesticides, technology, fertilizers and chemical products.

Respect for the true winemakers

All our wines reflect nature. They are the product of the know-how, courage and meticulous work of independent winemakers whom we know well, some of them since 1994. Our vision is that a quality wine can only be produced by viticulture on a human scale. This is why it is important for us to meet the winemakers first and taste their products with them.

Our wines contain added or natural sulfites.

Alcohol abuse is harmful for health (especially if it contains chemicals). Consume in moderation.

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